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What readers have said about Sailor Without a Boat

Reading this book is like gorging on candy. Once you begin, you won't want to stop.

Raymond Ouellet, Gatineau, QC


Sailor Without a Boat was so interesting, that I virtually gobbled it up within a few days! Let’s hope that Robert Bériault will produce more books like this one.

Mario Boileau, Rockland, Ontario


From start to finish, we were carried away with Robert’s book, especially with his manner of relating the stories (my husband and I read the book together in bed at night). What an adventurer! What a writer! We were particularly impressed with his descriptions and especially with his positive spirit and his sense of observation and analysis. It is a wonderful lesson about our world, which he describes so well.

Michèle Lavallée, Gatineau, Quebec 


I received Sailor Without a Boat at Christmas and I was not able to put it down! It’s filled with interesting experiences and adventures.

Garry Cooke, Grimsby, Ontario


Robert gives readers a street-smart common sense approach to sailing on other people’s yachts. He draws on years of experience to outline the challenges of blue water sailing with noteworthy consideration to Caribbean waters. The book kept me hanging in suspense at times and laughing at others. Interesting, informative, exciting – A must read for those with a lust for adventure. I hope Sailor Without a Boat will not be his last offering.

Jim Keith, Fernandina Beach, Florida 


At times, I laughed to tears when reading Sailor Without a Boat! Robert wields a skilful pen and he knows how to say things with humility, passion and humour.

Dominique Champeau, Gatineau, Quebec



It is a good story that engages the reader while meeting a practical need for those aspiring sailors who prefer not to take on the considerable expense of maintaining a pleasure craft.  What a pleasure to read about Robert’s adventures and his voyages of discovery!

Tony Cassils, Ottawa, Ontario


Throughout the book, the descriptions are rich, original and personal. Robert’s unusual resilience makes him worthy of being called a true adventurer. His stories reveal what cruising life is like and how this lifestyle can lead to the discovery of the world and other cultures. This book is not simply a story, but also a learning experience about many elements of sailing, geography and humanity.

Richard Groleau, Gatineau, Quebec


This is an amazing account of Robert's second life after a career in scientific research.

Douglas Mitchell, Lethbridge, Alberta


Sailor Without a Boat is a well-written, remarkable collection of stories, anecdotes and musings about the wonders of sailing, about the environment and about life in general. – Fun to read and full of really good stuff!

David Delaney, Ottawa, Ontario


Sailor Without a Boat proves that there is no age to start living the adventure of your dreams. The book relates details of daily life on boats in the middle of the ocean and ashore in distant places. Robert reminds us that the risks of sailing on great oceans in small vessels don't always come from the sea or the mechanics of the boat, but also from one’s shipmates. A great read, full of excellent insights, advice and contacts for anyone interested in imitating him.

Normand Bergevin, Embrun, Ontario


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