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Robert's Guide to Buying an Electric Bike

The Pedal Assist Systems:

This first part is an introduction to e-bikes. We'll look at the bike's control mechanisms, speed controls, the types of display screens, what data the screen provides us, and the pros and cons of the different types of screens. We'll also look at the three ways we can move an e-bike forward and the two different pedal assist technologies. This will bring us to understand the differences between cadence pedal assistance and torque pedal assistance.
Motors -
     Direct drive or geared drive?
     Hub motor or mid drive motor?

In this part 2, I cover the different kinds of motors, why the motor can be either in the middle of the back wheel, or between the pedals or in the front wheel, I explain the difference between direct drive motors and geared ones. I cover the pros and cons of the three different motor positions, I talk about what is the maximum power an electric bicycle is allowed to have in different jurisdictions, and factors that can influence your choice of an ebike.
The battery

This video is about e-bike batteries. It will explain the power of the battery, the best place for the battery on the bike, the electricity storage capacity, the weight, the charging, the longevity, the power of the bike, the power of the battery, the power of the bike, the power storage capacity, the power storage capacity, the power storage capacity, the power of autonomy, battery anti-theft systems, cost and finally, fire safety
Gearing systems

This video looks at the different gearing systems on an electric bike, the ones that vary the the effort required to climb hills or face the wind. We discuss the pros and cons of these systems to help you make the right bike choice. If you hate the chain that requires meticulous maintenance and dirties the bottom of your pants, you'll discover a drive system that eliminates these drawbacks and can last 30,000 km. We'll also look at what kind of ebike to buy if you don't want a derailleur. Join me for a session full of interesting topics.
Wheels, tires and flat protection

In this video, we'll look at how wheels and tires define the style of ebike that's best for you. We'll talk about why there's such a big gap in wheel sizes and look at what the market offers in terms of tire treads. We'll finish by talking about what e-bike manufacturers do or don't do, to protect your future e-bike from a flat tire.

Brakes, handlebars and suspension

This video is about what's available in terms of brakes, handlebars, and suspension systems for e-bikes. We'll see what the differences are between mechanical and hydraulic brakes. We'll also talk about e-bike handlebars and how they can influence your choice of an e-bike. Finally, it's going to be about the suspension systems and the most comfortable bikes, and ways to increase the comfort of your bike before it leaves the shop. And we'll see what would be the best choice for your particular needs and riding style.
Styles, Frames, Accessories and Tips on Where to Buy an Ebike

This is the seventh and final session of the series. Here we’re going to be talking about the large number of e-bike styles, how the frame defines the style and how the style defines the purpose of the bike. We’ll talk about what kind of accessories are found on ebikes and how you can dress up your bike to make it more useful for you. We’ll talk about how you can make your ebike safer, and finally, I’ll let you in on a few tips on where to buy your ebike.
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