Building materials of frame: 2 x 2 spruce, used, given to me by my brother-in-law [ size: 42.25" long x 18.5" wide, with 3" extension on left side to accommodate tow bar ] The height of the body is 16" (depth)

Weight: 23 lbs empty. Without the solar panel, 17 lbs.

Quick-release wheels, axle and tow bar: Taken from a Burley Nomad utility trailer  [ Diameter of wheels: 16", width of axle: 24" tip to tip]

Assembly method for frame: Butt joints, glued and screwed together with 3-inch, #6 screws (I really, really hope it stands up to the hard use it's about to get)

Storage box: Made of 1/8 in. thick Coroplast, reinforced with a 1 x 5" drilled-out pine board at the back and 1 x 1" pine members on the top sides and corners. Edges are sealed with window caulking and affixed to the pine with 5/8 inch # 6 screws. The box is screwed onto the frame with 5/8 inch # 6 screws (and I hope it holds in place). [size of box: 42"L x 18"W x 14"H. Capacity: 175 Litres (6.1 cu. ft.)]

Hinged top with curved front: Made of 1/8 in. Coroplast reinforced with a 1 x 5" drilled-out pine board at the back and 1 x 1" pine members on the top sides. Two curved, drilled-out pieces of 1 x 4 pine were used to give the front its curved shape. [Size of top: 47"L (63"L with tow bar) x 18 5/8"W x 15"H]

Solar panel:  100 W, semi-flexible by Sunride Power, affixed to the Coroplast surface with Duck Tape (D-u-c-k tape, not D-u-c-t tape) [Size: 42"L x 21 1/4"W x 1/8" H, Weight: 5 lb]

Charge controller: 12V to 48V boost controller by Sunride Power [Weight: less than 1 lb]

Solar panel and charge controller (MPPT boost controller)

available from:

Full description of the beast, in excruciating detail for the solar bike aficionado