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Construction Plans
$50 CDN fully refundable upon completion of your project*



·         Since I published the first video about my collapsible bicycle camper, several people who would like to build one for themselves have asked me if I was selling plans.

·         For the first three years I was offering the plans for free to anyone who accepted the conditions stipulated.But beginning December 1, 2021, I will be charging a nominal fee and if construction is completed (before I die), I will reimburse the entire fee once the builder has sent me pictures as proof of having built it him/herself. 

How much will it cost in money and time?

The wheels, axle and tow bar cost about $250 US and the lumber, coroplast, glue, paint, duct tape, nylon fabric, screen material, hardware to cost $400 to $500 US.

Timewise, it is a big project. The book of plans comprises 80 pages of drawings and photographs. Allow a minimum of 200 hours and perhaps 300 hours from start to finish for studying the plans, sourcing the materials, and carrying out the work.

What tools will I need?

Click this video link:


How you can obtain a full set of plans for a fully refundable fee:

  1. Tell me about yourself. What kind of bicycle travel have you done in the past.

  2. What are your plans for the future?

  3. Do you stay in campgrounds at the end of a day of cycling? In a tent? 

  4. Where do you live and where do you cycle?

  5. When would you be ready to start building the camper?

  6. Your experience working with your hands

  • I will email you a form that you will fill out and email back to me

  • You will then send me the refundable $50 CAD fee

  • I will then email you a complete set of plans in PDF format, which you will be able to reproduce with your printer on regular paper. You will also receive updates as they are produced.

  • And if you complete the construction of your Bériault bicycle camper before I die, I will refund your fee after you send me pictures of your completed camper, 

  • Then, I'd love to hear about your travels with it :-)


Disclaimer you will need to fill out by email:

Once you’ve agreed to the above, we will then arrange for payment, after which I will email you the complete PDF file of about 90 pages of drawings and photos, which you can print out on regular paper. You will be able to contact me anytime during construction for questions and I will be more than happy to oblige. *Once constrution is complete, you will take detailed pictures of the camper in travel mode and in camping mode and send them to me, as proof of completion. I will then refund the entire amount you paid, and I will be happy 😊.

In the end, what I’m hoping for, is that we can build a community of bicycle camper travellers, who can exchange ideas and share experiences.

    These are the conditions you must agree to:


·        I recognize that the author of these plans provides them to share his experience with others who may be interested in building their own bicycle camper. He does not claim to have any expertise in the field, does not offer any guarantee and in no way commits his responsibility towards anyone who would be inspired by these plans. It is understood that the design has not been examined by any regulatory agency. 

·        I acknowledge that towing a trailer behind a bicycle is inherently dangerous and that I will not hold the author or his heirs responsible for any accident or damage that could ensue from using the camper.

·        I understand that the author offers no guaranties regarding durability, performance or strength of the finished product

·        I will not hold the author responsible if my camper is damaged by strong winds, other natural events

·        I accept that although the author has been very careful in drawing the plans, there are no guarantees that all the measurements are correct and accurate

·        I understand that the camper design is still experimental in nature and may not live up to my expectations

·        I certify that I will not claim any damages or other liabilities from the author, should mistakes in the plans result in financial losses or injuries.

·        If I use the axle, wheels and tow bar from the Burley cargo trailer as indicated in these plans, it will be at my own risk, as Burley does not approve of modifying their trailer

·        Finally, I promise not to distribute the plans to anybody (Distribution of the plans falls under the purview of the author)

·        I agree to give Robert Bériault (the author) feedback about my construction progress

·        I will let the author know if I discover errors in the plans

·        I will convey to him any improvements to the design and whatever construction tricks I might think of


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