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(or any bicycle trailer)

  • Always ensure that the safety flag is in place

  • Turn on your lights when riding in reduced visibility

  • Avoid riding with the trailer at night

  • Avoid roads with heavy traffic

  • Show motor vehicle drivers and other cyclists respect at all times

  • Know and follow all municipal, provincial or state laws regarding operating a road vehicle

  • Watch that the outside wheel of the trailer does not fall off the edge of the pavement or hit a sidewalk curb

  • Do not tow a trailer with a bicycle equipped with narrow tires

  • Remember that you are not very visible from cars and trucks

  • Always check your rear-view mirror for traffic

  • Use your bell when approaching pedestrians from behind

  • Avoid loose gravel roads and mountain bike trails

  • At intersections, make eye contact with car drivers who yield to you

  • Slow down on rough terrain

  • No more than 24 km/h on smooth pavement

  • When going down steep hills, use the brakes early to avoid excessive speed

  • Slow down when approaching a blind curve

  • When crossing a street, or when rounding a sharp corner, keep in mind the length of the bike and camper

  • Reduce speed in the rain or on wet pavement

  • Reduce speed if there are sand or wet leaves on the pavement

  • Ride with both hands on the handlebars

  • Minimum age for towing a Bériault camper: 18 recommended

  • Never tow a bicycle trailer if you are impaired by fatigue, sickness, alcohol, medication or recreational drugs


Copied almost verbatim from the Burley cargo trailer manual:

Check before each use:

1.       Wheels are properly secured to the trailer

2.       Tires are inflated to recommended pressure on the tire side wall

3.       Tow bar is properly secured to the trailer

4.       Hitch is properly secured to the bicycle and safety strap is attached

5.       Tow bar wing nuts are secured

6.       Total weight does not exceed 114 lbs (52 kg)

7.       Weight of tow bar at hitch is greater than 2 lbs (1 kg) but does not exceed 20 lbs  (9 kg) with fully loaded trailer

8.       Bicycle is in proper working order, especially brakes and tires


Check monthly:

1.       Inspect tow bar, hitch, flex connector and safety strap for damage.

2.       Check that bolts are tight

3.       Inspect tires and wheels for wear and cracks

4.       Inspect wheels for trueness and cracks

5.       Inspect wooden frame, walls and hood for damage.

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