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You want to learn how to sail

You want to find out how to sail without owning a boat

You want to sail without spending a fortune

You're thinking of sailing near home, or offshore, or around the world

You'd like to buy a boat but need to learn more before taking the plunge

How you can sail forever without buying a boat of your own

Learn about the sailing community

Learn about life at sea

How to get started if you've never sailed before

Ways you can get to sail even if you don't know how

How to use the Internet to find a sailing adventure

How to find captains who are looking for crew

How to make sure the captain and his boat are safe

What to expect and what to look out for when you board the captain's boat

Checklist for what to pack when you leave for a sailing adventure

How to go about renting an unskippered sailboat (bareboating)

Sunsail Charters

Examples of people who have sailed on other people's boats

The environmental advantages of sailing on other people's boats

Renewable energy

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