Above all, what is sailing?

For most recreational sailors, sailing is sharing. The owner shares his entire boat with his crew. When we rent a sailboat, everybody shares the planning and the costs. It goes without saying that on board, you have to share the limited spaces the vessel has to offer: the cockpit, the salon, the galley, the head (bathroom), and sometimes even the same bed! But on a sailing yacht, you also share the operation of the boat: the different manoeuvres depend on the co-operation between helmsman and crew, who work together through a special nautical language and acquired skills. When on a sailboat with other people, you share meals, you share a happy hour and lively conversation, you share your knowledge, you share the chores and the watches, you share the adventures, the bad times and the good times. In a nutshell, sailing brings out one of humanity’s greatest qualities.

Supper at anchor in the Strait of Georgia

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